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The Great Business Apps Redux...Coming to a City Near You

Appian Contributor
September 25, 2015

Apps on your iPhone are great.

Apps on your Android are great.

Apps on your smartphone? Your tablet? Your phablet, even?




Hey! What about apps for your business?


[cue the crickets...]


With all of the information to manage, systems to integrate, processes to track, collaboration, communications, and more, it's no surprise that custombusiness apps the ones that help organizations stand out for what makes them great are often:

    • Difficult to build, use, and change.

    • Insecure or otherwise out of date.

    • Isolated...unable to access or use live information from across other systems at best, and creating even more data silos at worst.

And yet, great business apps exist!

Beginning next week in London(then to New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, DC, and Princeton) some builders of great business apps will share their secrets about what truly makes a great business app.

It all happens at Appian Around the World, a series of complimentary events tailored for Appiancustomers and invited guests. At these intimate sessions, you'll get deep insights intothe topics that matter most to your business and hear from peers sharing their stories.What Makes A Great Business App?

The next leg of the tour starts October 6 in London.In the meantime, you can get a high-level peek at what makes a great app right now Here's a link to a quick-read ebook on the attributes of great business apps.

Zach Messler