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Process Innovation Essential as Mobile Health Opportunities Escalate

Joshua Hoffman
October 13, 2015

What could physicians accomplish with more opportunities to interact with patients in a meaningful way? How could hospitals ramp up preventative care efforts if chains of communication between physicians and patients were streamlined? These questions are increasingly vital as the health care industry explores new opportunities to use mobile devices to interact withindividuals in more powerful ways. However, any effort to improve patient interactions depends on streamlining the business processes that would enable clinical professionals to engagepatients.

A recent TechCrunch report explained that mobile moments - those times when somebody quickly glances at his or her phone to check the time or read a text - could prove a vital conduit for health care messaging. However, taking advantage of these circumstances hinges creating an underlying process framework that allows care providers to create seamless patient engagement experiences that cross device boundaries.

"Mobile moments could prove vital for health care messaging."

Considering the potential of mobile channels

The news source explained that the average consumer looks at his or her phone 150 times daily - as per Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report. This represents a huge increase from two years ago, when approximately these quick glances at mobile devices occurred 110 times daily. Most of these interactions only reveal basic information, as consumers are generally checking the time or responding to a quick notification. However, health care providers could tap into these moments to provide key reminders of behavioral health issues.

The report said that while mobile health apps are already in place, at least to some degree, via smartwatches and similar devices, many of these solutions are not mainstream enough to reach many people who are struggling with health problems that could be impacted heavily by simple reminders. Getting mobile health functions out to mainstream mobile devices by taking advantage of mobile moments, on the other hand, can serve as a key conduit to remind people when they have opportunities for healthy behavior.

Getting ready to take advantage of mobile moments

Your physicians aren't going to be able to watch consumer mobile data and create relevant messaging. No human will be able to take time for that.Instead, companies need to use business process management tools to automatically connect data and processes with proprietary mobile messaging apps to reach consumers with meaningful content. Application development functionality within BPM software platforms enable health care organizations to create the custom app workflows they need to respond to mobile consumer engagement opportunities in a meaningful way.