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Florida Panel Emphasizes Importance of Public-Private Cooperation in Transportation

Joshua Hoffman
April 8, 2015

The transportation and logistics sector is among the industries most dependent on public-private partnerships. Good government organizations can align everything from their road maintenance strategies to transit schedules with the needs of regional transportation industry stakeholders, allowing all groups to flourish as they collaborate to improve logistics and maximize value. Process integration is becoming increasingly critical in achieving these goals, and business process management technologies can give transportation companies the application platform they need to find success working with public sector agencies.

"BPM solutions break down the barriers between organizations."

According to a recent Jacksonville Business Journal report, public sector officials for the city recently met with transportation industry leaders to discuss how the two groups can collaborate more effectively and work to align operations to improve results for both parties.

Public and private collaboration fueling transportation industry potential

Florida is a hub for the transportation industry because so many goods move through the state from a variety of sources - rail, freight and, in particular, shipping. The news source explained that the panel was focused on bringing together transportation industry leaders with public sector experts to talk with local organizations about transportation logistics, with a special focus on encouraging businesses to keep putting significant thought into their transportation goals moving forward.

Janet Kavinoky, U.S. Chamber executive, told the Jacksonville Business Journal that the collaboration happening in the city is exciting.

"It's refreshing seeing Florida being on the offense for transportation," Kavinoky told the news source. "Most places I go to are depressed and are just trying to get money for baseline maintenance. In Florida, trade and transportation is really tied together. The chamber and DOT are tied together."

Using process innovation to improve collaboration

With more industries becoming dependent on advanced technologies, the need to tie data and processes together is more important than ever. In transportation, this could result in helping public sector agencies better understanding the needs of local transportation companies by having access to key data about driving patterns, shipping trends and logistical details. When transportation organizations can effectively share these details with public agencies to collaborate on future goals, the results can be substantial.

Effective partnerships can prove vital in the transportation sector.

Effective partnerships can prove vital in the transportation sector.

BPM tools provide the process, data and application integration functionality transportation organizations need. On an internal level, these solutions can be used to fine tune applications so that data is shared across operational boundaries, giving you the ability to coordinate operations and identify key functional trends. From there, you can use application portals with partners to share relevant data with public sector stakeholders to streamline work toward common goals.

Effective partnerships are key to value creation in the transportation sector, and BPM solutions break down the barriers between organizations.