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Ensuring Compliance for Pharmaceutical Leaders with an Enterprise Platform

Staff, Appian
October 14, 2015

The pharmaceuticals industry is a highly regulated field. That's nothing new for anyone who calls this space home.

What is new is how forward-looking organizations are turning to modern enterprise technology to best adhere to strict compliance regulations while continuing to grow. With increased frequency, we see some of the world's largest life sciences companies turning to process innovations of mobile, cloud and transparent social collaboration to address their most critical operational objectives.

But how can something as strictly monitored as pharma regulations be left in the hands of something as new as enterprise technology?

In pharmaceuticals, the need to quickly navigate change is only growing. Regulatory compliance mandates are constantly updated, and organizations across the world need quick and easy access for updates in drug development, clinical trials and other impactful aspects of business. No longer can legacy IT systems and manual processes keep up with thefast growth trajectory of this industry.

An application platform approach to compliance monitoring helps to ensure this.

Appian's application platform is used at four of the world's top five pharma corporations to solve pressing industry challenges. From automating processes, unifying existing information systems, and adapting to constant change, all critical industry objectives are accessible in a single enterprise environment.

Here are just a few ways in which Appian provides the speed and simplicity for pharmaceutical leaders to realize process excellence for compliance management:

    • Organizations become equipped to address all compliance requirements, simultaneously, with a singleBPM solution.

    • Elimination of steep penalties from compliance agencies:A consistent and proactive approach with instant access to data and tasks keeps leading brands a step ahead when it comes to compliance management.

    • Increased transparencythroughconverging process automation and data management with social collaboration to create a dynamic group of informed employees and decision makers, consistently aware of product regulatory status.

    • Promote visibility in real-time withintelligent reporting and analytics capabilities available for access seamlessly across any device.

Be sure to keep up with the latest on Appian's pharmaceuticalpractice.In the meantime, take a look atour infographic on addressing industry compliance challenges.

-Mike Ingrisano, Media Relations Manager