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Digitization Could Have Huge Impact on Health Insurance Sector

Joshua Hoffman
July 13, 2015

Mobile application development efforts are increasingly emphasizing health-related solutions as consumers and businesses alike embrace the potential of mobile apps and services. New personal health apps can be used in conjunction with solutions specific to the insurance industry to improve patient care, streamline processes and help insurers maximize revenues while creating an optimal customer experience. Digitization is well under way in the insurance sector, and the right mobile application solutions and development tools can help organizations get ahead of competitors.

Mobile apps central to digitization in the insurance sector

A recent TechCrunch report explained that the rising accessibility of health apps is completely transforming the consumer medicine landscape. Besides being able to track people's health through tools that monitor heart rate, blood pressure and similar physical attributes. New solutions are constantly emerging on the market, and applications are becoming more sophisticated all the time. Solutions that help patients monitor their medication intake, track broad health metrics and otherwise improve patient care are all rising.

Mobile health tools are fueling digital transformation in the insurance sector.

The news source suggested that the rise of mobile health solutions could have a similar impact on health insurance that digital tools have had in the auto industry. GPS devices, tracking systems and other digital tools that can be used to provide insurance companies with detailed information pertaining to driving habits, letting insurers set rates with greater precision. Similarly, some insurance companies are already beginning to work with specialty digital health solution providers to get more relevant and detailed patient data that can be integrated into their various processes and decisions.

"BPM solutions are emerging as application development platforms."

Using digital tools to make the most mobile apps

Insurance companies have an opportunity to leverage mobile tools to engage patients more effectively than they could in the past. The potential gains here are substantial - patients can get easier access to better health data, take control of their personal well-being in new ways and document their wellness strategies with insurance companies. In turn, insurers can integrate client data into internal mobile apps and services to give agents and other workers an opportunity to provide more nuanced, efficient customer experiences.

Business process management solutions are emerging as application development platforms, letting organizations build applications that support their process and data workflows. Low-code tools let users push out these new apps and services out to users quickly, giving insurance firms the responsiveness they need to keep up with customers in this new mobile-focused digital world.