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Deploying the Right Apps Critical in Enterprise Mobility Plans

Joshua Hoffman
December 15, 2015

Enterprise mobility success centers around giving users access to apps that have a meaningful impact on their ability to get the job done effectively. It is easy to think that once users have a problem, the solution is to throw a new app at it. However, you don't want to overwhelm your users with a huge catalog of toolsand services that don't really meet their needs. Instead, companies must be strategic about creating the kinds of apps that will generate user loyalty because they are formedwith a holistic plan in mind. A streamlined application development platform is vital if you want to meet these demands.

According to a recent AppsTechNews report, organizations that want to make the most out of the potential of mobile devices need to look at the consumer sector to envision what their application environment should like like.

Simply creating apps isn't enough to find success, you must align those solutions with process requirements.Simply creating apps isn't enough to find success, you must align those solutions with process requirements.

Using the consumer sector as a learning tool

Pointing to ideas published by ARC from industry expert Dan Rowinsky, the news source explained that app stores have been flooded with solutions, but the systems that are actually successful are the ones with a broad, far-reaching strategy. The simple apps that see a need in the market and throw a basic solution at it may get a few downloads, but it isn't likely to create sustainable success. Businesses often run into a similar problem.

The report explained that businesses need to create apps with a specific purpose and a long-term roadmap if they want users to embrace the solutions. Going mobile isn't just about deploying a few apps, and you aren't going to be able to get business leaders behind the strategy if you don't have a clear long-term plan in mind. Apps must be able to deliver meaningful business value that drives benefits to your end users.

Using BPM solutions to advance your app strategies

Customizing and creating apps is one of the major challenges facing organizations trying to develop sophisticated mobility strategies. Business process management software systems can serve as application development platforms that empower your non-tech users to customize existing apps or create new solutions as needed. As the app platform is built into the BPM architecture, users can naturally align the app's functions with business processes to create opportunities for broad functional gains. The result is holistic apps that can be gradually fine tuned over time, ensuring that mobility strategies put you in an ideal position for success.