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Creative Strategies Needed as Government IT Teams Respond to App Demands

Joshua Hoffman
December 8, 2015

Government agencies are facing a new operational reality as they work to develop, deploy and support public-facing apps. Consumers increasingly expect agencies to be able to provide apps for their services. However, few public sector IT departments are actually in a position to deliver new app experiences in a timely and efficient manner. Furthermore, a recent Enterprise Innovation report explained that consumers are, in no way, interested in hearing about the underlying processes and challenges facing government organizations., they just want services delivered in a convenient way.

Business process management software solutions are evolving to enable government agencies to keep up with new app requirements through low-code development tools that let non-tech users create solutions. Housing these development functions within the BPM hub allows your business teams to build out custom apps that naturally align with process requirements.

"Housing development tools in the BPM hub lets business teams build custom apps."

Public sector facing mounting app pressure

According to the news source, government agencies generally have a good understanding of how different constituents use apps and what drives their interest in those solutions. At the same time, many government agencies have also already found success aligning processes and apps to create an excellent user experience. The challenge comes in trying to expand this functionality to a largenumber of apps and services without running into major operational challenges. This extends throughout the app life cycle, as agencies must effectivelycreate new apps, manage them, decommission apps that no longer meet user requirements and develop more relevant solutions.

The report explained that adopting bimodal IT principles is key in meeting these demands. The concept here is fairly straightforward - have part of the IT team focusing on long-term issues like security, stability, regulatory compliance and strategic growth while the other part of the group focuses on operate quickly and being responsive to end users.

Using BPM to support bimodal operations

You don't need to go all-in on bimodal IT to respond to app development demands, but you can get creative with those principles and empower your business users to developcustom apps through an application development platform housed within your BPM system. This lets you align processes with your applications, creating a situation where you can optimize the end-user experience while ensuring the solution also empowers your teams to use data generated through apps in the most efficient way possible. On top of all this, you can use such solutions to build out internal apps that help your users work as efficiently as possible, driving efficiency gains that extend throughout the agency.