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Crawford & Company Transforms Insurance Claims with Appian's Application Platform

Joshua Hoffman
January 12, 2015

Crawford & Company often deploys claims adjusters to the world's most devastated regions affected by natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tsunamis, so life can begin to return to normal as quickly as possible for individuals and companies with insurance losses.

Using the Appian BPM Suite, Crawford & Company has modernized business action through mobility, social collaboration, more effective decision-making, and faster action.

The results from more than 30 Appian-based applications around the globe have enabled Crawford & Company to accelerate overall claims management by as much as 80 percent, speed customer billing by almost 70 percent, and deliver a better experience for its customers, and its customers' policyholders.

Crawford & Company's Appian program demonstrates the power of a modern application platform in harnessing innovation to drive business performance and customer satisfaction.

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