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Case Management: The Only Real Valuable Thing is Intuition

Appian Contributor
June 12, 2015

"The only real valuable thing is intuition."

Albert Einstein

Imagine you had incredible intuition.

You had a great read on everything.

You just knew the right path to success.

    • How would your life change?

    • What more could you accomplish?

    • How would your business be impacted?

In business, intuition could be an invaluable asset, especially considering how technology has sped the pace and removed the barriers of time, location, and distance.

As Einstein acknowledged that human intuition is a key element to success, so have many organizations realized structured processes alone are not adequate to solve the challenges of today's business. As a result, new software platformshave emerged platforms that seamlessly marry structured process control with the knowledge and intuition of employees in an attempt to solve those increasingly difficult and ever-changing business challenges.

So where would intuition help the most? In response to the unpredictableÖthe dynamicÖthose inevitable occurrences which you cannot possibly see coming. Perhaps that means intuition would be most helpful in case management, where the predictable and the unpredictable must be continuallyunderstood, addressed, and managed.

Anew whitepaper was just released on this very subject. "Dynamic Case Management" is a quick and interesting read. You can get it here.

I hope you'll take a look and share your thoughts.

Zach Messler