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Case Management a Growing Priority in Government

Joshua Hoffman
March 30, 2015

Case management has always been important in the public sector, but the growing move toward digitization is making the practice more important than ever. As process innovation becomes a key component of case management initiatives, more organizations are finding themselves in need of business process management technologies to help them keep pace with industry demands.

According to a recent report from Government Computing News, the move toward digitization that has been underway in the public sector since 2011 is beginning to come to bear incase management. The result is an operational environment that is leaving agencies pressured to step up their game by accelerating processes and improving service delivery.

" BPM tools can help government organizations revolutionize case management."

Modernizing government case management

The public sector has long been a conservative place when it comes to technological innovation, but the recent rise of a variety of disruptive technologies has forced many public sector entities to revisit how they interact with constituents. The report explained that the digital transformation happening in retail - a sector where consumers are using robust online services to interact with companies - is also occurring in the public sector. This has forced government agencies to revisit how they deliver services, particularly how they handle case management.

At this stage in the digitization process, the cost of any major infrastructure overhaul is too great for most agencies, the report explained. Cloud solutions have been rising as an alternative option as they can offer public sector organizations an opportunity to modernize and digitize their case management processes without breaking the bank.

BPM's role in case management

Cloud-based BPM tools can help government organizations revolutionize their case management processes. Modern BPM solutions are increasingly being released as application platforms, making them a prime technology when it comes to trying to align operations across a variety of channels. That is the ultimate challenge facing public sector organizations - they need to be able to work efficiently with constituents regardless of whether those users are online, using a mobile device or visiting the office in person.

BPM solutions can help government agencies improve case management.

The application development platform functionality delivered through BPM technologies allow organizations to integrate their processes, data and application capabilities across different device types and solutions. This empowers your users to meet constituent needs regardless of how that individual is accessing government services. This is invaluable for case management because it helps public sector agencies to give constituents the kind of personal service they need without sacrificing operational efficiency.