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Business and IT: How Can Your Analysts Bridge the Gap?

Medhat Galal
June 19, 2015

Have you ever worked on a team and thought the provided requirements were not clear enough to build the best possible Appian application?

Too often, those responsible for demystifying requirements do not have the Appian experience to successfully map those requirements to features. This results in a major gap to be resolved by the project team based on assumptions of understanding.

As the project delivery progresses, many changes take place through development and testing cycles to build the right application for end users. If these changes are designed only to improve the user experience, your users may like the app, but at a great cost to the project. If changes are not made to control costs, the application may offer a less-than-ideal user experience...resulting in App shock! This negatively impacts the agile feedback loop. When business architecture is fragile, development work requires major changes...All The Time. This further increases costs while unnecessarily delaying what should be a quick project launch.

To help you address this challenge, several Appian Analyst courses are available: Platform Overview 100, Platform in Action 101, and Designer Basics 102 are all sessions to help your team members effectively assess business requirements and optimize design, as well as time. Additionally, the Analyst exam helps you bridge that knowledge gap that may exist in application architecture. This helps you build a common application framework from which designers can easily create applications that users enjoy. The exam is available free for the next 30 days; after July 15, 2015 there is a $50 testing fee.

These resources are intended to help you continually succeed. I hope you'll take the time to review the Analyst learning path and take the Analyst exam. If you'd like more information, point your browser to on to the training services page on

To your success,

-Medhat Galal, Vice President of Enablement, Appian