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BPM, Cloud Portability Align to Foster Agile Operating Environments

Joshua Hoffman
August 13, 2015

An evolving cloud computing landscape is empowering organizations to operate more flexibly from a technological perspective. Add cloud business process management solutions that function as application delivery platforms into the mix and companies can be primed to turn technological adaptability into meaningful business agility.

Using the cloud to foster business agility

A recent First Post report explained that cloud computing has evolved to the point that it can create agile business environments, something that is particularly important as organizations try to go global. In many cases, companies trying to expand operations face delays of months just as they try to make the IT investments needed to support a new office.

Cloud portability is fueling business agility.Cloud portability is fueling business agility.

Finding an adequate data center space, deploying hardware and migrating data and applications can prove incredibly time consuming. The news source explained that cloud ecosystems are enabling organizations to move data and apps between public, private, hybrid and community cloud environments freely. This turns a process that would normally take months into something that can be handled in just a matter of days or weeks. This cloud portability can unlock business agility by making it much easier to open new offices, deploy new technological capabilities or otherwise establish the capabilities needed to support new business units in diverse geographic locations.

"BPM solutions are designed to support business agility"

Cloud BPM solutions unlock full potential of business agility

Using the cloud to stimulate new business initiatives is only one component of creating an agile business environment. You also need to be able to establish operational capabilities that enable new business units to work seamlessly with stakeholders in other locations around the world. Breaking down operational and geographic boundaries hinges on creating custom apps and services that align data and processes across disparate user groups.

BPMtools can serve as application development platforms. This means that users can access traditional process management workflows alongside low-code app development resources. When combined, non-tech employees can quickly customize apps to meet specific operational requirements.

As organizations strive to become agile, they need to make sure that their technology is not only flexible, but ideally positioned to align operations across disparate user groups. Application platform functionality with cloud BPM solutions provide the combination of cloud portability and development innovation necessary to create agile operating environments that transform businesses. Going global doesn't need to be a logistical nightmare. Modern BPM solutions are being designed to support business agility in diverse and sophisticated ways.