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Agile, Modern Applications for the Government: GovLoop Innovators Summit Tackles Tough Challenges and New Opportunities

Staff, Appian
April 9, 2015

What do building business software and launching missiles have in common? It turns out, not as much as you'd think. Waterfall processes with long, complex requirements and testing cycles work great for large weapons initiatives but don't allow government departments to deliver software quickly enough to meet rapidly changing mission and citizen needs.

This problem becomes increasingly apparent as technology expectations grow and IT budgets shrink. Citizens want the great service they've come to expect from consumer applications (mobile access, self-service accounts, and fast responses to questions), while agencies need software to help them process, prioritize, and automate work more efficiently.

Unfortunately, with public sector IT departments spending up to 75% (three-quarters!) of their entire budget just maintaining existing systems, there is little bandwidth for improvement and innovation. Not to mention even new projects are not delivered as fast as needed, due to inefficient, non-agile development processes and manual custom-coding efforts. A drastic change is needed in order for the public sector to meet its current and future technology goals with fewer resources than ever before.

At the 4th annual GovLoop Virtual Innovators Summit, Appian will present an answer to these challenges in the form of a modern Business Process Management (BPM) Platform. Along with other public sector innovators, Appian is hosting Gone Agile: How Government Can Meet Citizen's Rising Expectations. Tune in on Wednesday, April 22 and learn about:

    • Public Sector technology initiatives, mandates, and challenges

    • Appian's rapid, agile approach to application development and process management

    • Case Studies: departments using these technologies and methods successfully

Appian brings over 15 years of experience providing ggovernment agencies with innovative technology solutions to mission-critical business problems. The Appian Application Platform helps any agency or program office automate complex processes, share deep subject-matter expertise among employees, and comply with changing laws and regulations. Furthermore, both staff and citizens can benefit from increased access to information, assets, and self-service via the web or even mobile devices.

All of these benefits can be yours in far less time and at less expense than using traditional technologies and methodologies ñ exactly what today's government agency needs.

Be sure to register now and join over 3,000 IT leaders on Wednesday, April 22nd for a day full of insights on transforming and modernizing your agency.

-Lizzie Epstein, Director of Application Platform Marketing