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Agile & Adaptive Methodology Shapes Modern Application Design

Staff, Appian
March 2, 2015

Designing a modern BPM solution is a lot like building a house. Both require a strong foundation before any measurable progress can be achieved.

If you own a property and were the first to call it home, think back to those early design days. Once you had the foundation in place, I bet there were countless changes along the way from what you first envisioned versus what you finally settled in to.

This same principle holds true for building applications. Odds are that if you are an enterprise IT veteran, you've rolled out a number of different applications that had to adapt over time to keep up with your ever-evolving business.

But here's where your home and process solutions differ: Speed and agility.

Where your eventual move-in date can fall behind schedule, the same cannot be said for your business applications. In this fast-paced worldof remaining competitive and servicing customer needs, enterprise IT solutions must be rolled out to market quickly, built in such a way that they are adaptive to change.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the financial services industry. Multi-million dollar corporations across the world rely on financial analysts and firms to provide excellent services related to banking, wealth and asset management, and compliance. With a growing need for IT, these organizations rely on process solutions that can be quickly rolled out and easily adjusted to unique functions critical to financial success.

The 9th Annual Operational Excellence in Financial Services Summitbeginningnext Monday, March9-11,promises an innovative and inspiring speaker faculty that will unveil strategies and toolsets for embedding enterprise-wide operational excellencein the financial services arena. Whether your operations are struggling with case management, data and customer analytics, business architecture, managing change or talent development (or all of the above), this year's conferencewill broaden your understanding of modern application design for operational excellence.

In addition to providing exhibitor networking and product demonstrations, Appian will lead a BPM workshop entitled, "Delivering Business Value Faster," on Monday, March 9 from 1:30-3:30pm.

Appian's Financial Services Practice leader, Michael Heffner, and Director of Product, Jorge Sanchez, will discuss how BPM applications have been designed historically, and which new design methodologies are beginning to surface. Both Michael and Jorge will highlight the value of designing applications that are agile in delivery, while ensuring that such solutions are adaptable to an organization's ever-changing business landscape.

Additional Conference Themes Include:

    • The move to performance excellence- shaping your organization's culture & structure through the process lens

    • Putting customer experience at the heart of process design

    • The ultimate process partnership- marrying tested methodology with technology

    • Achieving agile organizational structure- moving away from hierarchies & silos to networks & ecosystems

-Mike Ingrisano, Media Relations Manager