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Values and People: The Ingredients for Entrepreneurial Success

Staff, Appian
October 1, 2014

"There's a certain amount of hubris necessary for thinking that at 26 you can change the world by making software everyone is going to want."

That's what Matt Calkins reminisces on when looking back at when he left the only job he'd even known to follow his passion and shape a culture of software development.

It's safe to say the bet has paid off big, as Matt is the Founder and CEO of Appian, where his vision has positioned the company as a leader in the customer software application industry.

Recently, Matt sat down with FOX Business for an on-camera interview to discuss his passion for founding Appian, the current state of enterprise application development, and the value he places on getting the right people to fit Appian's unique culture.

Hear Matt's full interview to learn about his remarkable entrepreneurial journey!

-Mike Ingrisano, Media Relations Manager