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The Future of Mobile BPM Sparked During Appian World Panel Sessions

Staff, Appian
May 1, 2014

Mobile in the world of BPM is nothing new. Nearly everyone on hand here at Appian World 2014 has a smartphone, in which they access work in one form or another. What makes mobile BPM such a hot issue is where this technology is going and how we find ways to do real work from any one of the leading mobile devices.

Mobile computing was the topic of this afternoon's Appian World 2014 "The Future of Mobile and BPM" panel discussion, hosted by Appian's own Chief Technology Officer Michael Beckley. Joining Beckley during the well-attended discussion was Dr. Chuck Webster, Google Glass Explorer & President of EHR Workflow; James Woods, Business Analysts, Bank of Tennessee; and Sergo Grigalashvili, Vice President & Communication Technology, Crawford & Company.

An esteemed panel of industry leaders deliberated and discussed several of the most pressing topics surrounding Mobile BPM including development approach, use case examples, the road ahead for mobile wearables, and future proofing mobile strategy investments. Just as important was to convey to the audience the challenges faced prior to a successful implementation of a mobile strategy. Mobile is often viewed as an add on, and organizations can be stuck in the mindset that real work cannot be accomplished via handheld device.

Panelists shared the challenges faced when realizing the mobile future including user adoptions, costs and resources, ROI, and security.

"When designing your mobile applications, it has to be intuitive," said Sergo Grigalashvili. "There is competition from other vendors, so applications must be efficient and easy to use for customers or employees."

Appian is leading the mobile revolution with the first and complete solution for mobile BPM. Using Appian's native applications, users are empowered to communicate, take action, track events, send requests, receive notifications, and integrate with existing CRM, ERP, and database systems. Real process efficiency is achieved through empowering every participant with instant access to business processes no matter where they might be.

"With mobile, its starts with securing the device," said Grigalashvili. "That is the first step for ensuring the technology so that all your data is encrypted. Data provisions must adhere to organizational policies in order to fully leverage your mobile experience and connect employees to the data they need."

Today's workforce is mobile and always connected. For the modern worker to be successful, they need access to key data, content, case files, reports, and tasks to take actions directly from your phone or tablet. Available on popular mobile platforms, Appian delivers a secured enterprise experience to enable modern professionals and support a wide variety of use cases.

Check back for more insights as well as Appian's Twitter, as the mobile discussion is sure to be a popular one as Appian World continues.

Mike Ingrisano

Media Relations Manager

Mike Ingrisano