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Process management critical for simplifying IT

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
March 31, 2014

The IT industry has been in a constant state of flux the last several years, with the cloud, mobility, big data and business intelligence trends having a large, and steady, impact on IT operations for businesses in nearly every sector. Firms want to see their IT teams evolve, be more productive and efficient and work on a tighter budget, but they don't know what trends work best, which they need the most and how to drive optimized value from these solutions after investing in them. In order to underwrite these goals, deliver on increased productivity across IT as a whole and see measurable ROI, companies may want to consider investing in process management software.

BPM solutions provide the foundation for efficiency and streamlined workflow, the essential factors needed in any IT department upgrade. Regardless of what trends a business is embracing, or how it is altering its IT operations, these efforts focus on boosting productivity without increasing the cost. This often requires considering patience, as any change demands an initial investment. Firms have to measure the value of different systems, determine how quickly they will pay off, and the overall effect on performance they will provide. This means managing and analyzing data. This is where BPM software comes in.

Furthermore, this leads businesses to the next logical progression of IT- automation. Companies that deploy high-quality process management solutions will be able to streamline analytics, and even implement certain automated processes to boost the efficiency of these efforts. Assessment of efficiency, security and compliance can all be performed faster, offering key insights as staff performs other critical tasks. However, firms also need to be aware that this can change the overall culture of their business.

As processes are improved, streamlined and automated, companies should expect to see workplace culture evolve. Employees will either be more engaged, or use the improvement of workflow as an excuse to slack off. Firms have to balance these issues and ensure they are providing ample motivation to employees to continuously strive for improvement - be it a new trend to embrace or new technologies to learn.

Ultimately, the need for growth never stops. However, businesses should set a strong foundation for forward momentum with high-quality BPM software, and embrace the changes coming to their operations.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing