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Matt Calkins Highlights Appian Customers Paving the Way for Innovation at Appian World 2014

Staff, Appian
May 1, 2014

Following Gartner Vice President Daryl Plummer's keynote address, Appian CEO and Co-Founder Matt Calkins took to the stage to highlight the exciting and successful past year at Appian. As Appian's overall company growth continues to be impressive, Calkins chose this stage to focus on the recent BPM success stories for some of Appian's top customers.

Calkins used the majority of his address to inform the audience of modern enterprise IT innovations happening across multiple industry verticals. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has rolled out 14 process applications on the Appian Cloud platform to re-engineer business and become the "Airport of the Future," - at an Airport larger than Manhattan. DFW will present their use case story later this afternoon at Appian World.

Calkins detailed applications at DFW designed to make airport terminal managers more mobile and available to passengers. "Using Appian's modern technologies, DFW terminal managers are able to get out from behind their desk and be available on terminal floors to provide the best customer service for passengers," said Calkins. "This level of service and efficiency is essential at an airport the size of DFW."

The Appian CEO went on to discuss innovations at Energy Allows, and how the organization has leveraged Appian Social and Mobile capabilities to ensure a modern Work Platform to drive business success and growth.

Appian Records was also highlighted, as Calkins cites this development of the Appian Work Platform as an exciting new feature for customers.

"Records allow you to make better decisions, and I am very excited to see what our customers can do with this integration," said Calkins. "Records are a moving snapshot of business process as it goes through time."

Calkins noted Flowserve's deployment of Appian Records. Flowserve, also presenting its case study during Appian World, is the largest pump management and repair service for chemical, gas and other leading industries. Flowserve has deployed applications on Appian to manage the repair of damaged pumps and document invoice payments. Appian Records have allowed Flowserve to better document and have visibility into the repair system, making sure pumps are repaired quicker, with reduced error in the invoicing processes.

Innovative use case examples for additional Appian customers were presented including Starbucks, Sanofi, Bank of Tennessee, and Pirelli.

For Calkins, a commitment to provide excellent service is vital in order for these and other Appian customers to continue to experience top notch business results.

"Our top goal has always been to find the most value for you, our customers," said Calkins.

Mike Ingrisano

Media Relations Manager

Mike Ingrisano