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Making Sense of Data Management with Appian Records

Staff, Appian
August 7, 2014

Data, Big Data, Data Control.It seems like everyone is talking about it and how to effectively manage critical information across an entire organization.This topic takes me back to the words of baseball legend Yogi Berra.

"Baseball is like church," said the king of the one-liners. "Many attend, but few understand."

This mirrors today's approach to data management in the business world. Organizations know they need an improved way to manage endless information, but aren't really sure what an effective data management approach looks like.

Too often data management is segmented, where the processes of awareness, knowledgeand action are siloed activities. This approach only adds to the fragmentation and disorganization of data management. Efficient data management takes place when all three components are blended togethervia a modern Work Platform, where data is readily available for analysis, while also allowing a user to take actionon a given business situation.

The convergence of mobile, social, cloud and big data technologies is changing how work gets done, and how IT supports the business. Work can now happen anywhere, at any time, across a multitude of devices. Turning these new technologies into real business value requires an understanding of what differentiates truly "modern" business software.

"Appian Records make work the center of attention," said Appian Co-Founder and Vice President of Industry Markets, Marc Wilson. "Traditional application development focuses solely on process and data as separate functions. Appian Records bring these two components together to create the work people do on a daily basis across all industries."

Appian Records provide the solution to turning data management into rapid business action. Records allow a user to search, discover, collaborate, and share enterprise data within a group or across the organization. Appian's intuitive social interface takes the place of siloed or email-based communication with seamless integration to records, as related news is available for quick access. This modernized process allows information that may be trapped in spreadsheets, email conversations or even stacks of manual documents stuffed in a filing cabinet to be turned into meaningful insights and actions.

"A modern approach to data management translates seamlessly to all industries in which Appian plays," says Marc. "In the case of financial services, an analyst may use a record to get the relevant knowledge of an account or customer for a particular case. By leveraging awareness, knowledge and action in one environment, the worker within an organization is able to make a quick and concise business decision which ultimately creates a valued customer experience."

Learn more about Appian Records as well as additional insights from Marc as he discusses the convergence of knowledge, awareness and actionas part of our BPM video short takes.

Mike Ingrisano

Media Relations Manager

Mike Ingrisano