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Feed customer relationship growth with BPM support

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
January 17, 2014

For many companies, high-quality CRM systems are a critical aspect of operational success. Customer relationships are the revenue drivers of nearly every industry, and optimizing them to promote the customer experience and speed of service helps boost profits and efficiency. However, even with enhanced CRM systems in place businesses can do more to streamline these efforts andachieve the gains they are really looking for. According to Destination CRM, investing in a high-quality BPMsuite may be the next step.

Utilizing BPM software to enhance customerrelationship management provides several benefits, the newssource noted. From enhancing the efficiency of service through improved business processes to increasing the capabilities of CRM teams with social BPM, these efforts will feed the improved management side of CRM while boosting a firms ability to meet compliance demands.

BPM and CRM applications going hand in hand will also enhance a company's ability to track the productivity and profitability of their efforts. Businesses will be able to focus on reporting and metrics for measuring the success of CRM efforts, increasing their ability to target insights and adapt strategies accordingly. This will also help firms examine secondary areas of CRM success, such as their budget, strategy planning and audience targeting for marketing efforts.

According to the news source, the key to aligning BPM and CRM is to keep the plan simple. Simplicity will drive CRM success while helping companies improve their processes. Focusing on making operations more straightforward will drive more straightforward - and therefore measurable - results. This will boost speed toROI while increasing a company's bottom line overall. BPM will also enhance the standalone ROI of CRM strategies, furthering these goals.

Optimally, a company will be in a position to integrate its BPM and CRM strategies already. However, for firms that don't already have high-quality BPM solutions in place, it is critical to invest in tools that meet operational needs and will improve workflow on their own - before the integration with CRM begins. Adopting the right tools that enhance processes and remain flexible for future demands will establish a strong foundation for other efforts of improvement, be they integration with CRM or deployment of mobile BPM initiatives. This will provide a company with the growth it needs to drive success whilesupporting other improvement planning.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing