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Embracing Mobile Initiatives with BPM

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
January 10, 2014

Optimizing mobile efforts in the business world takes more than a smartphone and BYOD strategy. Companies need to embrace modern solutions, like mobile BPM software, to streamline app development and integration of the necessary tools with everyday operations.

Mobile efforts do not go unnoticed today. Professionals want to work for businesses embracing the latest trends for productivity and efficiency, and the benefits get passed on to customers in ways that make firms stand out against the competition. However, properly leveraging mobile devices and the potential they bring means changing the fundamental way a business operates in some cases. BPM software provides the foundation for these efforts.

Crawford & Company, a leading insurance claims management provider, recently discussed its own use of leading mobile business process management solutions with Gartner, noting how the tools helped address key challenges and provided more benefits than the firm had hoped for.

For the insurance firm, investing in BPM solutions gave it the ability to empower mobile employees, spreading its operations and increasing their capability to capture relevant data in the field, such as photos of disaster situations, for real-time response and reactions.

"Overall, Crawford's mobile BPM approach has transformed how effectively and successfully their work gets done, improved customer satisfaction and shortened the time in which claims payments are made - not to mention making the work more cost-efficient," Gartner reported.

In fact, the research firm predicted that mobile initiatives could help firms bring more than 50 percent of tasks to real-time action by the end of 2014, expediting workflow significantly.

The key to these performance and efficiency improvements is the great leveraging of powerful mobile devices. As the smartphone and tablet industry continue to evolve at a breakneck pace, firms with high-quality BPM solutions in place are able to keep up, optimizing their workflow around the devices their employees are using and maximize their potential, creating a more effective working environment that maintains pace with technology innovation, rather than lagging behind it.

Optimally, businesses in any field can embrace mobile initiatives with the right BPM software in place. While mobile may not seem like the path to success for all, it can open up doors to other efforts, such as cloud-based workflow, that will further improvements and continue to establish growth over time.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing