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Cloud BPM helping companies save money

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
April 23, 2014

With cloud-related costs falling as low at 2 to 3 cents a GB for storage and other services nearly as cheap, there's little reason for businesses to avoid migrating more services to it. Such efforts may require high-quality cloud BPM solutions to facilitate the changes and help support operations goals moving forward.

Ashar Baig, research director at GigaOM, recently discussed this movement with The WHIR, pointing out that companies no longer need to look to their infrastructure to support cloud service, and that public and hybrid hosting solutions are both cost effective and secure - so making the move now can be the best bet for many firms.

"When you're talking about 2-3 cents per GB per month you can't go any lower than that Ö so that's why I say let's not talk about the infrastructure Ö nobody is going to talk about the cloud infrastructure 3 years from now, they're just going to say 'what does the cloud infrastructure enable?' and what that is going to bring us to is managed services," Baig told the news source.

The cloud provides significant opportunities in disaster recovery, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and more, so businesses should leverage it with the appropriate business process management solution to harness these changes and leverage them for greater gains and reduced risk overall.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing