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Businesses don t need to fear the cloud, they need to prepare for it

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
September 25, 2014

Cloud computing is becoming more popular all the time, and that is a scary venture for some organizations. Recent news of celebrity photo leaks and similar issues have given more bad press to the cloud, but a Vancouver Business Journal report explained that concerns about cloud security are largely unfounded. Most of the negative news like these photo leaks stems from free or extremely low-cost consumer cloud services, and businesses will likely be taking advantage of more robust enterprise cloud solutions that feature service level agreements that help organizations maintain control over their data.

Many businesses are aware of the potential of the cloud. Citing a study from communications firm Integra, the news source explained that approximately 70 percent of businesses are currently using the cloud or considering the technology. Furthermore, 60 percent of those polled said the cloud is a top priority for this year.

With so many concerns about cloud security to be dealt with, but so much clear interest in the cloud, organizations need to not only be thinking about how to implement the technology, but also be considering how to use it as effectively as possible. This is where business process management software becomes an invaluable asset.

Using BPM to overcome security challenges and support cloud use

In the enterprise, cloud security issues aren't really about a data leak caused by provider problems. Instead, they tend to center around issues like user authentication and application access control. In many cases, users find that dealing with strict authentication policies gets in the way of their work, particularly when they are getting the job done on mobile devices. One way to counter this is to focus on business process management strategies that streamline operations regardless of which device a user is working from.

If the vast majority of processes are optimized and, when possible, automated, users may find that the idea of going through more robust authentication issues does not get in their way. Furthermore, cloud BPM solutions make process management tools accessible through the cloud, ensuring users do not have to frequently switch between application and device types to get the job done. Advanced process management solutions free workers to get the job done, where, when and how they prefer, creating a level of convenience that establishes a better foundation for secure operations. This is especially important as organizations try to empower mobile workers and embrace large-scale cloud plans that cross traditional organizational boundaries.