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BPM Solutions Drive Process agility

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
January 15, 2014

Amplifying the benefits achieved from investing in BPM software means focusing on the key factors of these solutions that improve workflow. From enhanced support for mobile and cloud trends to reduced time to productivity, none of these benefits holds a candle to the increased agility the BPM provides.

The Aberdeen Group noted that BPM solutions can drive process agility in several ways. Increased flexibility, configurable processes, improved monitoring and rapid deployment are all contributing factors, but one of the main advantages comes from the ability to deliver the results to end users sooner, getting workers on the same page and working with the new strategies faster. As a result, overall process lifecycle time can be improved by nearly 44 percent on average.

The improvements to process lifecycles will continue to deliver increased ROI and value over time, optimizing workflow and focusing employee efforts on forward momentum at all times. This allows firms to minimize downtime between processes as well, boosting productivity across the board. This also establishes a stronger working relationship between employee and company goals, promoting a more informed, efficient workforce.

Second only to the improvements to daily work processes is the increased ability to handle government audits and essential reporting on processes and finances. Improving workflow and improving the management of resources by focusing on process management software efficiency will ensure that firms are reporting more accurately and timely, meeting audit and regulatory compliance demands even as they evolve as well.

The benefits of these efforts only grow as companies explore secondary factors, such as social BPM. Taking process management to a more social, collaborative level will boost employee engagement and focus while promoting a more constructive working environment that factors in modern technology and trends easily. The end result is a workforce that feels engaged and appreciated, while being able to work as a team more effectively.

BPM software has so many benefits that focusing on the agility of operations may seem narrow, but this increased flexibility and scalability will drive many of the other advantages and ensure that companies are getting the most out of their technology and employees as possible. Ultimately, this will deliver the key business growth firms have come to expect from such investments.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing