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BPM helps deliver competency to the Financial Sector

Ben Farrell
May 6, 2014

Measuring competency in the financial sector can be tricky, and firms looking to optimize performance appraisals and evaluations need to consider every aspect of these processes. By investing in high-quality BPM for financial services, companies can refocus their efforts and enhance the human resource processes involved.

According to Business Management Daily, firms have to begin developing models for performance reviews based on core competencies: "What does superior performance look like - or consist of - in a particular work unit?" This baseline will allow them to highlight competency and strategize around it for continued improvement.

By deploying BPM software, businesses will be able to optimize these tasks and streamline the formation of the metrics used for assessment, as well as goal setting for improvement.

"Managers tend to understate what their employees have done and employees may not track their accomplishments or take enough credit for them," Robin Kessler, president of the Interview Coach, an HR and career counseling firm, told the news source.

Utilizing BPM solutions will help track and manage such information and leverage it for total enterprise gains in both performance, efficiency and overall revenues as these factors influence ROI.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications