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Are your legacy apps holding you back?

Ben Farrell
January 13, 2014

Businesses keep legacy apps around for a variety of reasons. Whether it's because they are compatible with some user devices or simply because the firm doesn't want to invest the time in transferring the data to a new system, these reasons could be holding the company back from true innovation or improvement in the new year.

In order to start freeing itself from the grip that legacy apps have on its operations, a business need to invest in high-quality mobile BPM solutions to help with new app development and set the foundation for overall improvement. New BPM software provides the necessary boost to operations to streamline growth and sets the works in motion to help a firm bring its processes more in line with modern demands.

According to Appian CTO Michael Beckley, however, there are some key considerations a business needs to make beyond simply deciding to update its apps, such as the integration of cloud and mobile solutions, as well as rethink the foundation of existing processes in order to avoid falling into the "legacy trap" again in a few years.

"When you design for cloud and mobile first, a number of very good things begin to happen," Beckley said. "User interfaces become simple, intuitive, easier to learn, and far more likely to be used by a broader range of employees at all levels in the company."

Beckley noted that designing for cloud and mobile first isn't more expensive, or more difficult - it simply requires a different approach that some firms may not be used to. Modern BPM solutions with integrated cloud and mobile support will be less costly and more efficient than the legacy tools they replace, as long as a business invests in the solutions that meet all of their operational demands.

The fact that mobile resources and devices, as well as the cloud, are becoming more robust and secure helps cement the importance of these investments in place.

With 2014 just turning the corner, now is definitely the right time for companies to consider their business process management needs and change the way they look at cloud and mobile processes. The right tools will make a major difference in how a company goes into the new year, as well as how it leaves it in 12 months, and the key to these improvements will be the elimination of legacy apps.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications