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Appian's Redesigned Training Courses Ensure High-Value BPM Investment

Staff, Appian
March 17, 2014

How does work get done at Appian? Learn to develop an application that changes how work gets done and leverage your BPM investment.

Appian Training is beneficial for all users; Business Analysts, Developers, Administrators. Learn how to efficiently apply, analyze, and develop BPM applications. The revamped courses help to achieve greater ROI by accelerating deployments of effective applications.

Appian training is offered for all types of users. As a Stakeholder or Executive, become familiar with the tools of Appian by enrolling in our introductory Business Essentials course.

Registering as a Business Analyst, Project Manager, BPM Designer, or Developer? Build BPM skills, improve productivity, and maximize the value of applications through our five-day instructor-led courses with curriculums tailored to technical ability. Principle classes include Application Design (paced for non-technical users) or Application Design Bootcamp (accelerated for technical users).

Continue learning, online, with deeper dive courses that cover additional development features of Appian; Advanced Data, for in depth Appian Data Design and Interface Design for advanced Records, Reports, and SAIL design. Our newly redesigned agendas maximize our instructor guided exercises.

After completion of foundational concepts, become Appian certified. Exams are immediately available on Forum. For more information regarding Certification, see the Certification FAQ located in Appian Forum.

"With new product enhancements such as Appian Records and social collaboration of the Tempo interface, we have seen an increased demandfor training programs from our customers," said Medhat Galal, Vice President of Enablement at Appian. "Our customers continue to express that training is a vital component to the success of their BPMprograms, and we want to make sure we provide them with the best courses and services possible."

Learn more about Appian Academy. Training enrollment is located on Appian Forum. Simply log in with your Forum account, select "Actions", and choose "Training - Create New Enrollment." If you do not have an Appian Forum account, please fill out the registration form with your official company email and select "Appian Training" for the Account type. Contact if you have questions or need more details about Appian Training.

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Mike Ingrisano