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Appian Customers to be Recognized for Program Excellence at Gartner BPM Summit Australia

Staff, Appian
May 15, 2014

Next week's Gartner BPM Summit in Sydney, Australia will focus on the digital business, and how the onset of technologies such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) can be harnessed to transform business operations. SMAC is uncovering new business channels, customers and opportunities.Entire industries have begun to embrace these disruptors of traditional workflow, altering the way products and services are created, distributed and serviced to customers.

Appian continues to spearhead the movement towards SMAC, and several of our most renowned customers will share and be recognized for program excellence during the Summit. The Queensland Government, Melbourne Airport, and Crawford & Company will spark new ideas, including tools, tactics, techniques and technologies to adapt current operations and reinvent business processes to become a successful digital organization.

The Queensland Government Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDIP) was recently named by Gartner as a recipient of the 2014 Business Process Management Excellence Awards for the Asia Pacific region. DSDIP, the lead state agency for land use planning in Queensland, Australia was recognized for organizational excellence in using modern workplace technology to improve business performance and deliver results through its innovative State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA).

DSDIP launched SARA to streamline the state's role in the assessment of development applications covering everything from high-rise building permits to clearing vegetation.SARA uses theAppian BPM platformto accelerate the assessment and approval cycle for development projects, driving process efficiency and transparency of critical project data.DSDIP was able to develop and deploy its innovative system in less than three months, creating a single assessment point for development applications, where the state has jurisdiction and decision making authority. SARA provides all parties in the assessment process with greater visibility into project statuses and enhanced communication through social collaboration.

Melbourne Airport is transforming a range of core airport operations and procedures using Appian's modern Work Platform. By combining process automation, data management, native mobile apps, and social collaboration, the Airport will accelerate awareness and responsive action to issues concerning Airside Inspections, Live Incident Management, Permitting Processes, Customer Feedback, and more.

As the primary airport serving the city of Melbourne and the second-busiest airport in Australia, Melbourne Airportplans to develop additional process applications including improvements to permit management of airport service requests and terminal maintenance.

In addition, Crawford & Company received an Honorable Mention from the Gartner BPM Excellence Awards, as its set of business applications has streamlined catastrophe-related resource management and assignment of insurance adjusters to rapidly manage damage claims. The Crawford Desktop + Mobility application allows for process-enhancing capabilities of mobile, social and automation to create the most innovative and transparent services for claims reporting, claims review/approval, and customer billing.

Appian congratulates each of these customers on exciting organizational transformations and we look forward to supporting their continued success!

Mike Ingrisano

Media Relations Manager

Mike Ingrisano