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What's next for BPM?

Ben Farrell
November 20, 2013

Business process management solutions provide many solutions for process automation, advancing operations and harnessing the power of technology more efficiently. However, as these tools evolve so too must businesses that use them in order to continue optimizing their workflow.

According to ITWeb, the BPM market is rapidly changing, and mobile and cloud solutions are the cutting edge of these improvements. These technologies present new opportunities to increase process flexibility, redesign processes to make remote access and operations more viable and refocus efforts on the integration of advanced technologies to streamline worker productivity. Beyond these benefits, many early adopters of BPM software may find that embracing mobile and/or cloud solutions provides the necessary next step to continue improving.

The news source noted that BPaaS and the cloud BPM market in general is expected to grow in value exponentially, increasing from approximately $1 billion in 2013 to $7.12 billion by 2018.

"By moving your processes into the cloud, you can scale [resources] according to demand," said Alexander Mehlhorn, an industry expert.

Cloud and mobile BPM provide combined leverage for process management, exploitation, innovation and evaluation that ensures companies are optimizing every aspect of their operations rather than focusing on one or two areas. Scalable resources, flexible accessibility and the opportunity to access processes remotely and on any device ensures that workers are getting the most out of these solutions.

" driven mainly by a specific focus on real-time processing of information," Sean van der Westhuizen, and expert in business development, told the news source. "Having the information on hand, in real-time, makes the focus on what is important accessible to management immediately. Rather than needing workers to check in at the office to fill in a form or capture data, they can send information and work requests straight to the office from the mobile device so the next step in a process is triggered without delay."

With processes better defined and focused on gains, companies can rest easier knowing they aren't wasting resources or energy and that they will get results out of their efforts every time. Regardless of scope or enterprise demand, cloud and mobile BPM adoption can conform to need and ensure that all operational expectations are met.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications