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Value of the cloud continues to soar

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
August 2, 2013

As businesses adopt cloud computing solutions and related technologies, the value that these tools and platforms provide continues to grow. A recent study, performed by IDG's CIO magazine, found that more IT leaders are increasing their budgets by an average 4.9 percent while investments into mobile and cloud solutions are near the top of their lists. In addition to an overall increase in the average IT budget, only 17 percent of firms said they will be decreasing their IT spending, as opposed to 23 percent in Nov. 2012. Most importantly, however, is that 48 percent of CIOs told the news source they plan to focus their expanding budgets on new projects, rather than boosting spending on current operations.

With overall increases in IT spending and a focus on mobility and the cloud, it comes as little surprise that one of the most popular new projects that many firms are investing in is mobile cloud platforms. According to SYS-CON, the integration of mobile and cloud processes allows companies to optimize the benefits of both trends and ensure that employees have true "anywhere access" to cloud-based solutions. However, in order to make these changes as efficient as possible, businesses need to consider investing in high-end mobile or cloud BPM software.

Offloading computing needs, optimizing speed and data storage, improving security and expanding the utility of mobile devices are the main trends driving adoption of mobile cloud solutions for many firms, the news source reported. It is the added functionality and support that makes these tools so versatile, and the inherent flexibility of mobile and cloud resources on their own makes a combined strategy that much more effective. Investing in the right mobile BPM tools to optimize these implementations and workflow afterward will only serve to enhance the end results.

Business process management solutions provide key opportunities to automate basic workflow and free up resources and time to focus on more mission-critical areas of operation. For any business, this means an increase in productivity at the basic level, with many more benefits to come as these opportunities are leveraged across a broader spectrum. With the value of the cloud increasing on its own, integrated BPM software serves to optimize that value and help firms see it sooner. With the right approach, companies will see critical gains without having to sacrifice anything.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing