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Use social BPM to transform your operations

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
October 15, 2013

Social networking and related technologies are having a profound effect on individuals and the way they interact with one another. Businesses can harness these changes to drive productivity and efficiency in the workplace, but this requires a revolutionary new approach to business process management.

New technologies are always driving change in the enterprise. From cloud computing to mobile support, firms are embracing IT changes readily, but sometimes without consideration of the consequences. As new technology is implemented, the way companies approach workflow sometimes has to alter as well. Social networking opportunities present some of the largest benefits for businesses, and as such, the most revolutionizing changes.

Bringing operations together

One of the key uses of social media in general is bringing people together. Family members that live across the nation from each other can share photos and anecdotes easily, while friends can coordinate events and share jokes. In the business world, social BPM helps bring the workforce together as a more cohesive unit, sharing personal and work related information and reaching employees as a whole more effectively. By bringing professionals together and helping them collaborate, a business focuses on performance as a whole unit, which can boost overall ROI.

Social is a better way of doing business

The social business revolution can help enterprises face key challenges in operations and IT, as long as the right tools are in place to promote collaborative workflow. Appian's worksocial solution brings processes and data together and integrates them with collaborative efforts that drive innovation. By providing employees with a central hub to focus on events from without losing focus of context, these tools drive action and results automatically.

Social media is becoming more commonplace and intuitive to professionals. By giving them such a platform for communications and productivity, they will feel more at home in the workplace and do their jobs more effectively. This serves to improve efforts in measurable, accessible ways that are focused on efficient and visible workflows. All of these factors, when combined, serve to meet other enterprise concerns, such as regulatory compliance, as well.

The main advantage of embracing social process management software is effectively improving operational integrity. The various factors that go into this can all be met with the right tools, but doing so in a cost-effective way with Appian's worksocial software can help companies accomplish their goals faster.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing