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The Benefits of Social Collaboration and BPM [Video]

Appian Contributor
December 1, 2013

In today's ever-changing high tech world, organizations are constantly looking at ways to stay on top of trends.

One trend that seems to be a buzzword at the moment is "social collaboration." But according to a recent study, social collaboration may be here to stay for a while.

The 2013 Aberdeen Next-Generation Communications study found that companies that identified enterprise social collaboration as their top business goal saw significant performance improvements when compared with companies that did not.

In fact, the study found that companies that use social media and next-generation communications such as integrated voice, mobile, instant messaging and video to promote teamwork and the sharing of ideas and knowledge also had better overall business outcomes and customer satisfaction.

During a presentation at the APQC Process Conference, BPM industry analyst Sandy Kemsley noted that social collaboration can exploit weak ties for knowledge sharing and social feedback while increasing transparency, which leads to improved decision-making, problem solving and processes.

It's interesting to note that the Aberdeen study found that businesses do not benefit from enterprise social collaboration when they take a laissez-faire or ad hoc approach. This is why organizations need to deploy a comprehensive BPM social platform that can operate across departmental silos.