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Success with BPM imperative as technology improves and demand increases

Ben Farrell
August 8, 2013

Optimizing a business process management solution requires more than investing in the right software and integrating it with workflow. According to Information Management, a recent study from Forrester found that the majority of firms will have invested in a BPM solution by 2015. Getting a head start will help companies adapt early and be a step ahead of the competition where it matters.

BPM software provides a rock-solid foundation to launch other improvements from, helping boost performance, organization and overall efficiency in the workplace. However, understanding the various steps that have to be performed to ensure these benefits are achieved will help reach them faster, and with less effort in the long run.

Maximize participation

According to the news source one of the key steps to ensuring success with a BPM solution is to make sure that everyone is involved and utilizing it. The overall effort is more important than individual improvements, and the more participation the more a business is able to quantify those gains. This will also help employees feel more integrated with the processes and appreciate the efforts more.

Support change

Sometimes a system is implemented, then a better way of going about a process is discovered. Ensuring that a company invests in business process management software that allows for adjustments and changes is key. This is especially true as a firm grows and their processes have to become more involved or intricate.

Full cycle support

Additionally, these tools have to be able to support every part of the BPM cycle, not just the processes themselves. Automated feedback, reporting, monitoring of progress and other options need to be available for businesses to ensure they are constantly optimizing workflow and getting the most out of the tools they are using. According to the news source, this will facilitate the ability to manage change and improving the sustainability of BPM solutions.

Optimally, any business can invest in BPM solutions to enhance workflow and the overall success of operations, but it requires a firm understanding of how to improve business processes and integrate these tools comfortably with the average employee's daily routine. By using the right solutions and following these steps to ensure optimal success, firms can make sure they are getting the most out of their process management tools and focus on growth, rather than the process of getting there.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications