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Stay Agile To Stay Competitive [Video]

Appian Contributor
April 23, 2013

In a competitive business environment, it is critically important for companies to create and maintain efficient systems in order to drive high levels of productivity.

No system is effective enough to stay in place, unchanged, forever. However, systems governed by flexible processes allow a company to be agile and responsive in a dynamic market and stay on top of changing conditions.

That level of agility will only become more necessary in the coming years. Analysts have listed that attribute as one of the most critical trends to hit the technology sector in the near future. Agile technology platforms will no longer be needed only by IT, but instead required on a larger scale across the business.

Business process management systems can be some of the key enablers of that flexibility and agility. By allowing processes to be adjusted to account for recent changes in strategy, the system keeps firms from locking themselves into a plan which is no longer optimal.

The availability of data brought about by BPM gives key players more information to review and consult when making decisions, freeing data from the scattered email chains that are often difficult to track in the best environments.

By providing fast access to critical processes, BPM applications solve the disconnect between different platforms, leading to more informed choices and better results.