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Social the key to transformative success

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
October 28, 2013

Businesses looking to transform their operations into a more efficient and effective machine are turning to social BPM initiatives to get the job done. Beyond making workflow a more collaborative effort, these tools bring about critical improvements that companies can utilize to drive other initiatives and deliver a more consistent work environment and customer experience.

The integration of high-quality BPM software provides enterprises with several advantages. These benefits add up to increased profits and a stronger client relationship. However, they have to be carefully managed. Social networking can have a significant effect in this area as long as it is optimized for business needs.

Integrating social solutions with process management software brings measurable meaning to these efforts and ensures other key opportunities for growth fall into place as well, such as anywhere access to data and resources via the cloud and mobile devices or workflow automation. The key is to bring work into the setting of social technology, rather than forcing the social platforms to integrate with business practices. Appian's worksocial solutions optimize the reintegration of business and social networking.

Productivity increases

The most obvious advantage that enterprises see when it comes to BPM solutions issignificant growth in terms of employee productivity. Through collaboration, increased data access and remote working opportunities, professionals are able to get more work done on a daily basis without quality suffering. Additionally, social BPM minimizes the chances of workers losing track of processes, which keeps them better organized on a personal level.

Faster decision making

Between increased productivity and improved collaboration, workers are able to make key decisions faster because they will have all of the facts and feedback available to them for review. This makes operations more efficient on a daily and overall goal-oriented level. Between a focus on innovation and the drive for more efficiency, businesses will be able to take action in real-time on the data and insights they come upon from analytics, big data and general operations as a whole.

Work faster

Work smarter, not harder, is the general mantra of any innovative business place, but the idea of working faster is sometimes forgotten as well. Companies are able to optimize their workflow through the use of BPM and social media individually, and the integration of both as a combined unit amplifies this effect. Ultimately, companies are able to do more with less and get it done faster, simply because their employees are better connected with each other and the resources they need.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing