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Shocker! IT Can't Keep Up With Mobile Engagement Demands! (Now What Are You Going To Do About It?)

Ben Farrell
September 16, 2013

I came across a white paper from a software vendor in the Mobile Payments/Messaging space that had commissioned survey data from Forrester Consulting on the topic of enterprise mobile engagement. The aim of the survey: 1) assess whether Mobile is a priority, and 2) determine whether enterprise IT teams believe they can deliver on business expectations.I'm sure you would find the results of that survey shocking. Mobile is a huge priority! IT teams don't feel they can keep up with demand! Gracious - who would have guessed?

All snark aside, data is always nice, but is there anyone out there in business or IT that didn't already know this?The pertinent question is, what are you going to do about it?

The answer:Don't write one more line of mobile code!Use Mobile BPM from Appian for code-free, full-function native mobile apps on iOS, Android and Blackberry platform devices.

Appian Multi Device

Enterprise mobility is about business and IT innovation. But who is responsible for enabling that innovation? At Appian, we believe that industry and government organizations should push the responsibility onto their software vendors. Our customers already have enough on their plates, with too few resources. They shouldn't have to worry about adding new specialized mobile development resources, hard-coding new versions of all their applications for each mobile platform, and maintaining those apps every time Apple, Google and RIM upgrade their mobile platforms.

And with Appian, they don't have to.

You can learn more about our revolutionary approach to enabling the mobile enterprise, and see it in action, at Appian World 2014. April will be here before you know it, so register today!


Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications

Ben Farrell