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PS Health Appian World 2012 [Video]

Appian Contributor
February 15, 2013

Abhishek Agrawal, Co-Founder of psHealth speaking at Appian World 2012.

When they started psHealth the founders wanted to use a BPM platform to develop and delivery all their solutions. psHealth delivers process and case management solutions to the healthcare industry in the UK.

In the healthcare industry, there are a lot of manual operations that can be easily automated using business process management. Healthcare operations are very people oriented. The standardization of processes is not that common in healthcare, so psHealth adds a lot of value by doing this. In addition, a lot of healthcare companies don't make decisions on hard metrics - and instead use anecdotal evidence. psHealth wanted to show how using real metrics could really benefit their clients.

psHealth demanded that the BPM solution they chose had to be very light in terms of infrastructure. Appian fits this requirements extremely well with their Cloud BPM offering.

Data security was also extremely important to psHealth. They had to prove that their technology infrastructure, development practices, and internal policies and procedures conformed to the stringent data security requirements of the UK.

Appian's promise to be able to deliver solutions without writing code was a key point in psHealth's decision to choose Appian as their BPM provider. They wanted to be best in class in case management solutions, but did not want to be a software company

psHealth uses the Appian cloud platform. On top of that they have built a library of components to enable case management solutions for their clients. When they started developing solutions for clients 3 years ago, 80-90% of the solution was customized. In 2 years they have reached a point that 80-90% of the solution is out of the box using Appian BPM and psHealth created components.

AIG was their first client in the UK - it took 6 months to deliver and 6 months to stabilize the application. Last month they delivered to a client in 3 weeks.