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Provide Better Customer Service with Mobile Facilities Management

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
March 14, 2013

Contributed by Gabriel Borges, Consultant, Appian Professional Services

Did you know that there are almost as many mobile-cellular subscriptions as there are people in the world? As global mobile penetration approaches 100% while Internet users remain at 40%, it is clear that mobile is becoming a more effective and important medium for just about everyone. Marketers, service providers, businesses, and even government agencies areplacing bets onmobile technologies,which isone of the top three CIO priorities in 2013.

The ability to access information, update data, and collaborate from mobile devices can deliver a better customerexperience provide faster response time, anddeliverhigherquality service. A sound mobile strategy can make or break a company in today's highly competitive and connected world. So how do you startembracingmobilityand implementing effective solutions that are fast to rollout?

This post is a part of the mobile case study series from Appian's Center of Excellence (CoE). The series shares proven strategies, best practices, and implementation methods of real customer use cases. View the embedded video for a quick demo of a mobile Facilities Management application in action. This example of tapping into the power of mobile and worksocial will help you see the possibilities in your organization.

In this scenario, a property management company wants to enhance their existing Facilities Management application by providing mobile access to activities currently performed through the existing Appian Application Portal interface. Accelerated growth within the organization has created a need to provide property managers withdirect access to data to more effectively manage their facilities whilethey are out in the field.

The mobile application design gives property managers the power to manage their facilities via a mobile-client, through actions mirroring existing behavior currently achieved with quick-tasks. The implementation allows a property manager to update any data associated with a facility. Additionally, the mobile application providesmeans for managers to record and track site visits to a facility. Appian's mobile capabilities also allow them to coordinate inspections and repairs with just a few clicks from their mobile device.

If the video piques your interest, you can download the full case study from Appian Forum and start accessing quick tasks with mobile actions today. If you don't have a Forum account, it is easy to sign up.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing

Cindy Cheng