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Process innovation essential to maximizing the value of data

Tara Charles
June 10, 2013

Information is one of an organization's primary assets. Efforts to optimize how a company uses data and derives value from it come in many forms, but process innovation is among the most important. According to a recent TechTarget report, business process efficiency is among the most important considerations when organizations are attempting to use data more effectively.

For many organizations, efforts to improve data quality involves using technological tools for data handling. Moving forward, using technologies that improve data quality processes in a way that fits with business users is essential, the news source said.

Business process management software is one such solution, as the technology can align processes and technology in a manner that is intuitive for business users.

Using process improvements to enhance data quality

Ted Friedman, analyst for Gartner, told the news source that efforts to improve data quality often run into a major roadblock when advanced technologies do not translate well in operational environments. This is especially evident when data management tools feature automation as a prime feature and organizations have not automated business processes. This creates a chasm in which processes are unable to keep up with technology, negating many of the benefits associated with data quality improvement efforts. Making advances in data management could depend more on process automation and improvements in similar areas that help align technology with the corporate operations.

Friedman told TechTarget that many of the problems that exist in data quality management stem from issues in reconciling business and technology processes.

"There's a contradiction: Data quality is a business issue, but the technology doesn't lend itself to use by the business people who should be the ones making the decisions [about data problems]," Friedman told the news source.

Using BPM to improve data management

Using BPM software for efforts associated with data quality and management can go a long way toward helping companies maximize the value of their information. BPM streamlines collaboration and communication across departments. The technology also allows users to share data and pass processes along over cloud, mobile and social channels. The ability to handle process automation and collaboration tasks across operational teams can make it much easier for employees to improve operations and create new revenue opportunities. Furthermore, BPM solutions can align technological and process goals to help workers adjust to new IT solutions and use technology as effectively as possible.