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Process automation gives financial firms new lease on life

Ben Farrell
October 3, 2013

Financial institutions are facing tumultuous times ahead if they aren't prepared for the technological and workflow demands cresting the horizon. Many firms will have to consider new approaches to operational efficiency, such as process automation in order to really make a breakthrough in the coming years.

There are a plethora of trends affecting companies of all kinds today. Big data, mobility, unified collaboration and other demands are affecting workflow, productivity, ROI and other key parts of business operations. For financial firms, these trends are even more threatening with compliance, security and other concerns hot on their heels. Investing in new technology can greatly boost operational efficiency, but if it breaks regulatory compliance, a firm cannot utilize the investment. In order to boost processes securely and effectively, these organizations may need to consider automation.

Investing in the tools to automate business processes will be a major step forward for most firms. BPM for financial services offers key advantages, but companies have to consider the side trends that will also affect the success of these endeavors. Are employees demanding mobility support, telecommuting benefits or "anywhere access" to their work? If so, firms may need to consider optimizing their BPM investments further.

In order to bring process automation to workers in the most efficient package possible, firms should consider cloud and mobile BPM solutions. These tools will support advancing technologies and the demand for them in the workplace, while optimizing automation and process management software across a variety of needs. Cloud and mobile tools better support explosive growth and innovation for businesses while promoting employee satisfaction in numerous ways.

Cloud BPM in particular is key for firms looking to implement process automation. With cloud support, firms can ensure optimized workflow from anywhere with ease. This allows workers to do their jobs from home, as well as sign in during an emergency to maintain operational integrity, regardless of location. Furthermore, the cloud offers flexibility and scalability that ensures that automation efforts can adjust to workflow demands at any time.

Optimally, financial firms that invest in process management software for automation will be able to focus on growth and innovation, rather than keeping up with the technology. These tools are meant to inspire and focus workflow, not complicate it, and businesses will be able to see key improvements due to the changes they promote in the workplace.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications