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Optimizing the cloud for distribution needs

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
August 9, 2013

Cloud computing is changing enterprise operations across the board, but according to ChannelPro, it is affecting the distribution landscape in unique ways that many companies aren't taking advantage of yet.

There have traditionally been two separate tiers in the IT industry - distribution and reselling. Each has a clearly defined role, and firms have to optimize both to maximize their success. However, cloud computing has begun to fundamentally change IT companies' ability to distribute products and services, affecting vendors and end-users at the same time. According to the news source, this shifting landscape is opening up new opportunities within the market and destroying entry barriers for new and old businesses alike.

"From the reseller's point of view, cloud-based technology solutions are delivering shorter, less complex sales cycles with solutions that are easy to install and immediately available. The days of on-premise solutions with lengthy and costly implementation periods are over," noted the report.

With new business models being generated due to cloud adoption, companies need to ensure they are optimizing workflow through high-quality business process management software. Cloud BPM solutions can boost adherence to strategies and goals while helping reach them faster and more efficiently.

Ultimately, the main benefit of embracing a high-quality BPM solution with the adoption of any new technology is the automation and improvement of base processes, which allows IT professionals and staff to focus on accomplishing more mission-critical tasks. This model will boost morale and actual success rates over time while helping companies focus on growth, rather than maintaining.

Much like any workout plan, there are three distinct goals a company has to consider, cutting the fat, maintaining, or building strength. Investing in a high-quality BPM solution will allow a firm to develop the right strategy for their own unique needs and adjust it over time as necessary. Companies looking to trim wasteful processes will be able to do so without affecting efficiency, while those looking to simply continue success will be able to accomplish this with ease. The largest gains can be found for enterprises looking to foster growth.

The right cloud process management solution will help any firm embrace the advantages that cloud computing has to offer and ensure they are focused on success, rather than struggling with new technologies down the road.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing