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Ohio Office of Budget & Mgt BPM Case Study [Video]

Appian Contributor
May 25, 2013

This video provides a high level overview of the State of Ohio Office of Budget and Management use of Appian BPM Software.

The State of Ohio Office of Budget and Management (OBM) works to make sure the public funds are used in a responsible manner.

OBM Went into production on Appian BPM 1 year ago with 4 applications:

    • Service Desk

    • Project Governance

    • Business Continuity

    • Inventory Management

In 3 months time, the Service Desk application changed the way people requested services and how OBM responded. Any other tool would have taken 6-8 months to accomplish this same goal.

Every CIO today is working on a mobile strategy and social strategy. Appian has allowed the Office of Budget and Management to quickly and efficiently have a mobile strategy

and a social strategy.

Take advantage of process improvement, mobile aspects and social aspects - take advantage of Appian's BPM Software.

Appian gives you visibility of processes, quicker development times, anytime anywhere access of information and the ability to monitor and escalate processes. OBM has found that Appian BPM improves processes and allows them to make better decisions, make decisions faster and be a more efficient organization.