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Ohio government office turns to BPM software

Ben Farrell
January 7, 2013

The State of Ohio Office of Budget and Management (OBM), as the organization is using the Appian Cloud BPM solution to support process advances and improve access to applications and other technological assets.

How the Ohio OBM is using BPM

The Ohio OBM is using three aspects of the Appian Cloud solution, including the social business interface, native mobile app access and BPM systems. These technological platforms will be used to bolster the functionality of the service desk, project governance and business continuity aspects of operations.

Each of these functional areas represent critical parts of the Ohio OBMs operations, but also are areas where highly complex manual operations have been necessary to sustain day-to-day activities. The BPM software deployment will allow many of the processes used in these areas to be automated and streamlined, enabling improved functionality and productivity. The investment in Appian's solutions have also proven beneficial from a governance perspective, as the systems have improved process visibility as well as functionality.

Raj Subramanian, chief information officer for the State of Ohio OBM, explained that the Appian BPM solution has helped him achieve some of his goals to improve operations within the organization.

"My objective as CIO is to put innovative, high-value functionality in business users' hands quickly, and developing on Appian in the cloud is key to that," said Subramanian. "With Appian's drag-and-drop design and automatic native mobility in an Agile development environment, we can get better business/IT collaboration and accelerate deployment times."

Business continuity is one area, in particular, where the BPM solution has paid off. Subramanian explained that it is natural that employees should have access to data and applications when they are away from the office. However, technological limitations has made such functionality difficult in the past. BPM makes application integration easier, enabling better access to the solutions employees need.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications

Ben Farrell