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NSN Appian World 2012 [Video]

Appian Contributor
February 15, 2013

Nick Deacon, Global Head of BPM Software Nokia Siemens Networks speaks at Appian World 2012.

NSN has 65,000 employees, 45,000 of those focused on services. They deliver services to 75 of the top companies in the world.

When NSN first started using Appian, they used Appian BPM to deliver flexible solutions to fill holes from SAP The goals of the initial implementation included:

- Improve process governance - see where processes are failing and then fix them

- Reusability and repeatability - see where processes are successful and then re-use that as needed

- Get rid of excel - simplify and unity the toolset used by employees

- Productivity improvement - save 5 million euros a year from implementing BPM Software

What Nick Deacon and his team found was that they were able to achieve these goals and far more. We are doing even more than this. The internal process improvement is non-stop. They are constantly working with employees to find ways to improve processes and make them more efficient. At the same time, a number of internal clients began coming to Nick for help in automating processes with Appian BPM.

The team was able to automate NSN's whole delivery and support process in 1 month for 38K. SAP had requested 9 months and over a million dollars to complete the same project.

NSN has found Appian to be a fast, reliable and agile solutions for all their internal processes.