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Momentum gathering in the cloud BPM sector

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
May 31, 2013

Cloud business process management solutions enable organizations to use the cloud to support their BPM deployment. As a result, companies can take advantage of cloud computing's flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency, while using the technology to improve processes and increase revenues. In many cases, a cloud BPM system can provide a solid path to a significant return on investment. The potential gains offered by the cloud are not going unnoticed. A recent MarketsandMarkets study found that the cloud BPM sector, though relatively small at this point, is poised for consistent growth moving forward.

Looking at the long-term potential of the cloud BPM market

According to the news source, current demand for cloud BPM systems has been relatively light because there are some concerns about how the cloud impacts regulatory compliance and general IT management. However, BPM-as-a-Service solutions have gained prominence in a wide range of business departments, and companies are becoming more comfortable with the cloud. Further, many of the issues with compliance and security are being dealt with across the cloud ecosystem as a whole, leading to more confidence in the technology.

While there are some issues holding cloud BPM solutions back, the market is poised to overcome these problemsand progress substantially during the next few years, MarketsandMarkets found. Many companies are finding that they can benefit substantially from amore agile and flexible business process, making BPM investments incredibly valuable. There is a general move toward the cloud as more organizations become familiar with the technology, deploy cloud-based solutions throughout their operational environments and benefit from the technology.

Familiarity with the cloud is not the only factor contributing to increasing cloud BPM deployment. The study revealed that the global nature of contemporary businesses is also leading businesses to cloud BPM systems. Cloud computing makes it much easier to integrate technologies across multiple offices spread around the world.

Considering the advantages of cloud-based BPM solutions

Many experts agree that portability and scalability are among the greatest advantages of cloud computing. The cloud is built on web-based data and application delivery models, enabling users to access solutions from any location with access to the web. This allows workers to complete key processes from any web-connected location. The cloud also provides high levels of scalability because it isbuilt on interconnected servers running a variety of virtual machines. When organizations need to add capacity, they can subscribe to more resources and the provider can respond accordingly. Portability and scalability make the cloud a natural fit for many corporate BPM needs.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing