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Mobility in Government - Progress & Best Practices

Alena Davis, Appian
February 26, 2013

Federal News Radio put together a fantastic roundtable on Mobility in Government this week, moderated by Jim Flyzik of the Flyzik Group. Panelists included CTOs from National Nuclear Security Administrations, the US Army, and the EPA, as well as Appian's own VP of Federal Sales, Chris O'Connell. During the discussion, Chris talked about Appian's experience with mobile applications for government agencies, such as public building site inspections for the GSA. Using mobile applications, the GSA is able to get instantaneous site inspection results with more transparency and collaboration.

View the full discussion on YouTube.

Discussion topics included:

    • Strategies for Mobility Use - Mobility needs to enable the government's mission. Data-centric applications are bringing information to citizens, while mobile and social capabilities are bringing more people into the process, allowing work to get done.

    • Best Practices & Major Benefits - Mobility brings speed, agility and transparency. One undersold benefit is the simplicity of using applications on mobile devices; people understand how to use them because they use their phones every day.

    • Challenges or major hurdles to still overcome - A number of leaders across the federal government understand that mobility is the future of government work, but there's a long way to go to get to 100% adoption.

    • How to incorporate Security into Mobility - Agencies can't afford breaches in security, and the security perimeter is continually evolving. Appian's highly-secure "write once, deploy anywhere" infrastructure enables agencies to sidestep many of these issues.

    • A Vision for The Future - In the future, Chris believes we won't be talking about "mobility" because it'll be such a natural, common component of how we do work. Our federal customers are seeing mobile devices become their windows to their data.

You can hear more about these critical issues by downloading the discussion from Federal News Radio's website.

Appian is proud to support agencies' efforts to mobilize. Learn more about our Mobile BPM solutions, and our work with the Federal Government.

Alena Callaghan

Web Marketing Manager

Alena Callaghan