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Lean Startup Techniques for Rapid BPM Success

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
February 20, 2013

Appian is very excited to again be hosting a presentation by EDP Renewables at Appian World 2013. EDP is not only among the most innovative companies in the energy market today, but has utilized the Appian rapid BPM platform in innovative ways to optimize their organizational efficiency.

In Appian World 2012, EDP shared a presentation on "Extreme Collaboration" and their use of Appian to drive dynamic task prioritization and increased collaboration in the repair and maintenance of wind turbines throughout North America. If you missed last year's presentation, full recordings are available on Appian's YouTube channel.

This year, EDP will be taking a different tack and sharing "Lean Startup Techniques for Rapid BPM Success". Synopsis:

The principles of Lean Startup Methodology can help BPM developers move quicklywithoutsacrificing quality. Using EDP Renewables new Energy Assessment BPM application as an example, this presentation will cover key elements like A/B testing, building a minimal viable product, best practices on how to gather and listen to user feedback to improve the UX, and rapid release cycles. Small development groups and others who are looking to use available data to improve their user experience/adoption rate should attend.

EDP has trulydistinguishedthemselves as innovative thought leaders in both clean energy and their use of Appian to rapidly deliver organization results. We hope you can join us for this and many other great sessions by Appian customers and professionals on April 29th to May 1st at Appian World 2013. Registration is still open but seating is limited. Register today atAppian World 2013.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing

Malcolm Ross