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Know what processes need the most help

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
October 31, 2013

Improving operations and enhancing workflow through BPM solutions is a key way for companies to boost growth and focus on overall performance. However, for companies looking to take these benefits a step further and really embrace the opportunities provided by business process management, they need to take a closer look at their operations before investing to target the processes that need the most support.

Process innovation needs change not only from industry to industry, but by each individual firm's unique operational needs. BPM for financial services companies may have to focus on data management and analytics, while insurance business process management often is best applied to sales and distribution operations. Of course, this means investing in BPM solutions that a firm is able to use to support very specific needs.

Flexibility and control with BPM

In order to optimize BPM software for unique enterprise needs, a firm may have to invest in solutions that focus on flexibility and scalability. Cloud BPM offers both of these advantages and more, utilizing the power of cloud computing to streamline BPM efforts not only in the office, but with remote access support as well. This approach can minimize the hassle of driving BPM for differing needs, while still gaining all of the benefits of utilizing business process management.

Within the cloud BPM sphere of influence firms may also want to consider several other areas of focus. If an insurance provider invests in BPM specifically to enhance sales and distribution processes, there are several factors that play into this, such as lifecycle management, retention, marketing leads and the introduction of new processes. Modernizing these processes will have the biggest improvement toward overall operations and allow firms to focus their efforts on other growth more quickly.

Leveraging BPM solutions is a key opportunity for firms in any industry to refocus their operations towards overall growth and improvement. Appian's BPM suite provides all of the tools necessary for company-wide enhancements, but the scalability to allow firms to refine their efforts to very specific operational demands. This will ensure improvement and ROI, as well as sustainable growth.

BPM isn't just a way to boost operations, it provides overarching company improvements that support innovation and opportunities for change across the board. Firms that invest wisely will be able to reap the rewards without suffering any potential fallback from altering their operations due to the support provided by the high-quality BPM infrastructure, and start seeing the changes quickly.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing