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Introduction to Appian Process Modeler [Video]

Appian Contributor
February 19, 2013

This video is an introduction to the Appian Process Modeler, a core part of the Appian BPM Suite.

The process modeler allows you to design and capture enterprise processes in a standard BPMN format. Users can monitor processes and change processes in flight as needed.

To get started, access the process modeler from Appian Desinger Interface using Internet Explorer or Firefox. Once inside the Appian Designer Interface, click process tab to show the designer process tab. The designer process tab shows actively running processes. You can launch process modeler from left hand menu. If you do not see the process modeler option on the left, ask your administrator to be a part of process model creators group.

Within the process modeler you can choose analyst mode or designer mode. Analyst mode allows user to create a quick high level process diagram. Process designer mode displays advanced options and allows you to produce production ready process models.

The process modeler is 100% thin model design. There is a toolbar, palette and canvas. The toolbar provides easy access to common actions (saving, printing, publishing, editing, copy delete, view, zoom, BPMN view, grid controls) tools (validate, documentation) and swim lanes (adding or editing BPMN lanes). The palette displays the various nodes that can be added to the process These nodes include standard activity nodes, event nodes, gateways and Appian smart services.

As you create your process model, pay special attention to readability and documentation of your process model. An individual name can be given to each step (node) of your process model.

Ensure you validate your process model before starting the process. Start the process directly from the process modeler screen. There are a large number of process model templates on the Appian forum site that can help you get started in designing your own process.