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How Can CIOs Turn Modern Technologies into Real Value?

Alena Davis, Appian
July 10, 2013

Whenever enterprise CIOs get together, the conversation is sure to turn to the latest technology issues. With so many disruptive technologies changing the IT landscape and speeding up the pace of innovation, it's truly an exciting time to be working in IT. That's why we're looking forward to CIO Perspectives Boston. It's an opportunity for Boston-area CIOs to connect with each other, discuss the latest technology trends, and figure out how to turn these ideas into concrete business results. Better yet, quite a few of these CIOs will be from the pharmaceutical, insurance, and financial services industries, which are areas of particular interest to us. In these industries, there are so many opportunities for modern technology to dramatically impact products, customer relationships, and the bottom line -- and you'll get to hear all about it at CIO Perspectives.

Marc Wilson, one of Appian's co-founders and our VP of Industry Solutions, will deliver a presentation on Creating the Modern Enterprise with Mobile and Social Process. The convergence of mobile, social, cloud and big data technologies can create new business opportunities and innovative ways to work. But realizing that promise requires a 'worksocial' approach that grounds these modern technologies in the processes, systems and data that drive the business. Topics covered in Marc's presentation will include:

    • The key challenges of IT consumerization

    • Bringing measurable meaning to social in your enterprise

    • Allowing access to corporate data (and action on that data) from any device

    • Driving greater efficiency by integrating work automation and social collaboration in a single user experience

Marc's presentation will share real-world Appian customer stories, and help you figure out how your own organization can turn the mobile and social revolution into real business value. He has a wealth of experience in helping organizations transform their business by leveraging our mobile, social, and cloud BPM software. This is especially relevant for the Pharma, Financial Services, and Insurance industries.

Pharmaceutical companies operate in an increasingly complex regulatory and business environment. In the area of drug safety monitoring, the use of mobile and collaborative technology for capturing, processing, and reporting adverse events is becoming increasingly more important due to heightened focus on patient safety globally. Appian's software allows pharma companies to automate these processes while eliminating manual inefficiency and managing risks. Learn more about BPM for Pharma.

The financial services industry is suffering from onerous compliance burdens and decreased customer confidence. At the same time, advances in mobile and social consumer technologies have raised customer expectations for how easy and transparent it should be to conduct financial business. Appian's software transforms financial organizations from product-centric divisions to unified, customer-driven enterprises. Learn more about BPM for Financial Services.

Competition is steadily increasing in insurance. In many segments, products have become so similar that internet comparison sites are the preferred way to shop. This drives commoditization which threatens insurers' health. Appian's software allows insurers to get new products to market faster, develop new insights to better price risks, and reimagine their customer's experience. Learn more about BPM for Insurance.

We hope you'll join us at CIO Perspectives Boston to discuss these issues and connect with your fellow CIOs. If you're unable to make it in person, please request a call -- we're happy to talk about the latest technology with you!

Alena Callaghan

Web Marketing Manager

Alena Callaghan